Good governance activities

Introduction to Good Governance Activities

A useful way of looking at what good governance involves is to remember that it ensures that your organisation satisfies its obligations and responsibilities in relation to

Performance – how your organisation achieves / maintains its overall performance in the delivery of services or programs, and

Compliance – how your organisation meets the requirements of the law, regulations, Standards, and community expectations.

This section will look at a range of activities that your Management Committee or Board can and should undertake to support the achievement of both the performance and compliance aspects of your obligations. It will explore:

  • Planning (Strategic, operational, business and others)
  • Risk management
  • Financial oversight
  • Policies and procedures development, implementation and review
  • Complaints management

Action activity

For any of the above activities that you do not currently undertake, think about how your Committee or Board could start doing them. Consider

·       What skills or knowledge would it take?

·       Do you have these within your existing team?

·       If you don’t have  the necessary skills or knowledge within your team, how could you get it?

·       When would be a good time to do each of these?


Useful resources

Justice Connect (Not-for-profit Law) – See the “Running the organisation” section and click on “Governance”

Institute of Community Directors Australia – See their “Tools and Resources” section and use the “Category” drop down menu to see “Not-for-profit 101l” resources and tools.

Instinct Organisational Development – Governance Checklist